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Bridddge opens first New York exhibition in Group Show with Motherseth, Shawn Powers, Robert Roest

On July 21st, bridddge gallery presents a new exhibition, “I dont mind, if you forgive me” featuring three distinctive visual artists: Shawn Powers, Motherseth, and Robert Roest. The opening reception will be on July 21st, 6-10 PM at 105 Madison Street, New York. The exhibit will remain on view through August 16th, 2023.

“I dont mind, if you forgive me” is a provocative synthesis of Motherseth, Powers, and Roest, whose work, although disparate in approach, offers a convergence in styles that defy neat categorization. Together these artists present a dispatch from the unconventional, raw margins of contemporary painting.

Shawn Powers is a New York-based professional skateboarder, painter, and graffiti artist. Powers is well-known for his abrasive street skating, eccentric artwork, and near-ubiquitous New York tag ‘SP’. In 2014, his first solo exhibition “Hardcore Horrors”—which included his evocative ‘blood paintings,’ made with his own blood—was shown at Gogy Esparza’s Magic Gallery. Since then, he has released numerous street parts for Palace skateboards and had multiple notable solo exhibits of his work.

Motherseth is a South Florida native artist whose debut solo exhibition, “Fear of God,” was shown in Orlando late last year. His paintings have been featured in prominent Reggaeton music videos, such as Almighty and Alex Rose’s video “Mia Khalifa”, and he has designed commissioned cover art for albums—most recently rapper Niontay’s Dontay’s Inferno. Motherseth’s enigmatic work is haunted by discrete, wide-ranging influences: images and icons from popular culture, religious imagery, BDSM culture, and contemporary street art. By rejecting technical perfection in favor of emotive impulses, he produces compelling, viscerally layered pieces.

Robert Roest is a Dutch-born visual artist whose work centers on perception and illusion. He has exhibited work across the world, from New York to Paris, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Roest works in series-collections that typically feature five to ten paintings on a single subject, enabling him to provide distinct perspectives and artistic approaches to a common object. He explains that his work seeks to scrutinize the “impact our eyes have on images” and the “interrelationship” that exists between perception and representation. For Roest, reality is far from a given and must be continually interrogated through artistic pictorial representation.

I don't mind, if you forgive me

Opening Reception: July 21st, 6-10 PM

105 Madison Street, New York 10002

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